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Every three seconds, somewhere in the world a blog commits suicide Juli 7, 2010

Posted by mahardhikacellular in Hot News.

Okay, maybe my math is a little off, but look around us, blogs are crawling off, into forgotten corners of the web and just blinking out of existence at a sickening pace. (Suicidal Blogs)

Why?Because blog writers are fickle and selfish, all they care about is becoming popular and rich.

If the blog they write does not perform the way they want it too, they neglect it, to the point it can no longer take it, then it dies.
This is the sad state of things but it is true.
Can we really blame the author of the blog?
No, because, no one can expect, to throw love at a blog, day after day and never get anything in return.
To show bloggers how to get more in return from the blogs they write, a great new PDF has been made available, called “Talking Down A Suicidal Blogger”. It is all about the “secret” methods that all the “guru” bloggers have been using right under your nose.

Look, I don’t want to spoil the surprise and be like the jerk at the movie theater who tells you the ending before the show, so I’ll let the report speak for itself. After all, it is free so why not grab it yourself, CLICK HERE NOW.

I can blurt out the “secrets” here and now, it sounds so simple! However, you really need to see the whole report to get the maximum affect. When you open the PDF and get a chance to see the examples and the mind maps you will get so much more than I can explain here, without plagiarizing this well written publication. It really works I am seeing more readers and profits already!

I enjoy writing this style of blog post because someone already did the work of explaining the “secrets” for me, while I get to receive credit for passing along valuable information to you.

Don’t let your blog commit suicide. Show it the love you once gave it the day you wrote your very first post. Only this time around, you will have the knowledge of the “secrets” and they will unlock the hidden pleasures only a writer and a successful blog can share.

Here is the link  again to download your own free copy while they last.

Saving the life of a suicidal blog will never be easier.



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